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Economy: Sustainable Economic Development

Thi will include financial Independence for all Aurora Citizens. A development which centralizes Aurora, which is inclusive of all citizens, and does not segment the City; creating programs which encourage our children to go into public service positions and capitalizes upon voter approved measures. Aurora has experienced tremendous growth, yet many areas and many citizens have not been able to grow with the city, as myself. Many have been pushed out due to expensive rents, development of communities in which the rent is 4 times the median income in Aurora; pushing more and more of us out.

Our children are being taught to be the workforce of the future, continuing the cycle of our financial dependence upon the people in positions of power. All the while the city is failing to capitalize on the marijuana industry, which as of this year is over 1 billion dollars. By capitalizing upon this industry, we can fund programs to subsidize more housing for our struggling citizens; thereby sustaining our communities.

Aurora has many good things to offer its citizens and the community at-large, yet we are only keeping the dollar in Aurora 4 times. We are no longer the little city we used to be. We need to advance our social options for our children and to all our citizens and visitors. Aurora is missing a central place, Aurora needs a downtown. Downtown is where you can have fun after work, where you can handle all your business and where you can get help.

Downtown Aurora is where its people make good money to live comfortably and financially independent. Downtown will offer programs to the children in its community to fill public service positions where representation is low. By encouraging sustainable growth in established areas, creating a downtown that can meet present needs of all residents without compromising the ability for our children to meet their own needs in the future.isting communities, economically grow the city, and provide a centralized location all citizens can enjoy; helping to increase revenue for existing businesses.


Equity and Equality for All

The City attempts to ensure the fair and equal treatment of its citizens by its employees, and to help children with whom it may come into contact; however, there are many citizens and visitors who have not received such fair and equal treatment, whom have not been protected or helped. There are many children suffering through the broken City system. This system which is failing not only the child involved, but the Aurora community at-large, as we are all impacted by crimes. This same system denies representation guaranteed by the United States Constitution to people everyday.

We need a system which helps our children and families. It is the responsibility of the City Council and the Mayor to ensure the safe and fair treatment of its citizens, both young and old. We can do better for all of our citizens, for the rich and poor, for All. As Mayor, I will work with leaders and stakeholders within this City to truly make Aurora a City for All.

Policies: Pro-Choice, Equity, Equality, Environmentally friendly, Pro-Cannabis, Civil Rights.

This November 5th vote Tiffany Grays for Mayor of Aurora; from Aurora, for Aurora, for All!



Committee to Elect Tiffany Grays
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