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Tiffany Grays: A Strong, Strategic, and Solution-focused Leader!

Equality, Equity, Education and Experience are cornerstones that have molded Tiffany Grays’ life. As an Aurora, Colorado native born in the early 80s to a mother; who was the first person in Tiffany’s family to graduate college, Tiffany learnt early the value of education and the opportunities borne from its pursuit.

As a teen mom, turned single mother of two daughters, Tiffany graduated with honors in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Information Security Systems. Tiffany eventually worked her way up the corporate ladder, becoming a Project Manager and Product Owner for multiple multi-million dollar projects with high income; still she was unable to achieve her American Dreams of Freedom, Equality, and Opportunity.

As it stands, current systems makes it difficult for everyday Aurorans to reach their dreams. About 25% of our children in public schools are failing to graduate, Our children are being killed at increasing rates due to gun violence; 14 children have been reported killed in the last couple months. Affordable housing is becoming a fairytale for many Aurorans, thus contributing to our increasing homeless people population. 

Tiffany knows this firsthand having been jailed, homeless and a victim of gun violence. Despite her personal struggles, Tiffany turned tragedy into Triumph, using her life experiences to guide her advocacy. Tiffany speaks for the voiceless. Tiffany encourages the hopeless. Tiffany continues to represent those who are un-represented or underrepresented because she has lived those experiences. Through these experiences, as well as witnessing the rights of others deprived through an inability to access real civic participation, quality education in safe environments and judicial assistance; the scales of Equality and Equity remains, for many Aurorans, unbalanced. 

Tiffany realized she needed to Stand up, Speak up, and Act; for all those whom could not for themselves, as an advocate who encourages equality and equity in education, employment, and justice. Most recently advocating for the restoration of constitutional rights for all Aurora residents, standing up and speaking out against the collusion within Aurora government and working with other community members to improve the lives of the homeless, the poor and those in fear of their safety. 

As the Future leader of Aurora, Tiffany will use her activist leadership in city hall - she will ensure Sustainable Economic Development, Equity and Equality for All, and the Safety and Welfare of Vulnerable Individuals through the implementation of policies and programs funded through increased revenues. 

As Mayor, Tiffany will serve the people of Aurora as a strong, strategic, solution-focused leader. She will fight for policies that ensure real access because everyone in Aurora deserves a fair shot at success. Not just the few who have access based on privilege or wealth. Vote Tiffany Grays for a Fair and Just Aurora for All. 

This November 5th,

Vote Tiffany Grays for Mayor of Aurora; from Aurora,

for Aurora, for All! We Will Make Aurora Better for All!

Committee to Elect Tiffany Grays
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